Sports Eleganza Extravaganza



S.E.E. started as a few small projects created for a physics programming class and is being developed into a collection of small games. Currently Includes DingerTime and Curl-O-Rama.


  • Designed and implemented all aspects of the game.

  • Used user input to apply an initial velocity and trajectory for an object.

  • Used user input to apply force to an object. Calculated displacement, taking mass and friction coefficients into account.

  • Created a few voxel models (house, tree, bush, etc.) and a few UI elements (buttons, titles, etc.).

Project Details

  • Role: Solo developer

  • Duration: (On and Off) November 2017 – September 2018

  • Tools: Unity 2017 - 2018, Visual Studio 2017, Magica Voxel, Git+Sourcetree,

  • Language: C#

  • Platform: Originally PC, later converted to Android

  • Team Size: 1