Catch fireflies that dance and flicker to the beat of the music. Go on a journey through storybook scenes, from the backyard to the beach. Avoid spiders through the night to make it to daylight. The more fireflies you catch, the more they appear. You'll need to time your captures just right as they'll only land in your net as they glow to different frequencies in the music.


  • Utilized fast Fourier transforms (FFT) to analyze audio and use the data for dynamic gameplay.

  • Wrote behaviours for NPCs, and game scoring logic (point system).

  • Implemented audio progress bar, pause screen, and score screen UI elements.

  • Used object pooling to limit the amount of object creation/destruction.

  • Helped run the demo booth at the 2017 LevelUp student game competition.

Project Details

  • Role: Audio and gameplay programmer

  • Duration: January 2017 – May 2017

  • Tools: Unity 5, Monodevelop, Photoshop, Git+Sourcetree

  • Language: C#

  • Platforms: Android, iOS

  • Team Size: 6