Buscemi’s Mansion


Run, jump, and wall climb the dark corridors of Buscemi’s Mansion in this multiplayer platformer. Choose from an all-star cast, from Biebs to Shrek.

Made for ToJam 2018. Primarily focused on design and implementation of the main menu, which was inspired by classic horror movie posters.


  • Designed and implemented Menu and Game UI.

  • Set up controller navigation for UIs.

  • Created UI assets (Buttons, Titles, Celebrity Heads).

  • Participated in game design.

  • Handled version control.

Project Details

  • Role: UI designer and programmer

  • Duration: May 4th, 2018 – May 6th, 2018

  • Tools: Unity 2018, Visual Studio 2017, Git+Sourcetree, Paint.net

  • Language: C#

  • Platform: PC

  • Team Size: 4