Day In, Day Out



Day In, Day Out is an endless bullet-hell with RPG elements wherein you take on the role of a mercenary trying to make a decent living in a corrupt, monster-ridden, dystopian society. Hop in your mech and last as long as you can... Day in and day out.


  • Designed game systems and mechanics, including: character movement, enemy behaviours, weapons, loot drops, character/enemy/weapon stats, and character progression.

  • Designed and implemented prototype interfaces for the pause screen, inventory screen, and health/shield displays.

  • Implemented gameplay including: character movement, weapons, inventory, stat systems, enemy behaviours, world looping, enemy spawning, and particle effects.

  • Set up local save system using JSON and object serialization.

  • Used object pooling to limit the amount of object creation/destruction.

Project Details

  • Role: Solo developer

  • Duration: June 2018 – October 2018

  • Tools: Unity 2018, Visual Studio 2017, Git+Sourcetree,

  • Languages: C#, JSON

  • Platform: Android

  • Team Size: 1