Lock Picking Mechanic



Maneuver your bobby pin back and forth to find the sweet spot. Attempt to open the lock by turning it with your screwdriver. Be careful not to break your bobby pins by applying too much pressure. Level up your skills and become a master lock picker!

Was tasked to create a lock picking mechanic in an advanced game programming class. Modeled after Fallout 3’s lock picking mechanic.


  • Implemented lock picking mechanic.

  • Designed and implemented other game elements – difficulty, player skill level, bobby pin count.

  • Designed and implemented UI.

  • Created models using Unity’s built-in 3D primitives.

  • Handled version control.

Project Details

  • Role: Solo developer

  • Duration: (On and Off) March 2018 – October 2018

  • Tools: Unity 2018, Visual Studio 2017, Git+Sourcetree, Paint.net

  • Language: C#

  • Platform: HTML5

  • Team Size: 1